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Housekeeper Group Training

Housekeeper training sessions in groups of 5 or less - 2 days

  • 1 500 South African rand
  • Details to be provided upon confirmation of booking

Service Description

This package is suitable for the employer who has already sought and secured the domestic worker of her choice, but would like to expose the domestic worker to some additional training in specific areas of work. Regardless of the specific areas that the domestic worker will be trained in, the subjects of a job description, work plan and time management are covered in the course. You’ve Got It Maid offers training in the areas of cleaning, laundry (washing and ironing), etiquette: Cleaning Training in the area of cleaning covers the following: - Areas immediately outside the house - Sweeping and or vacuuming of tiles and carpets inside the house - Mopping - Polishing of furniture - Wiping down of kitchen surfaces and appliances - Washing, drying and packing away of dishes - Loading, off-loading and cleaning the dishwasher - Soaking and washing of dish cloths and other materials used for cleaning purposes (e.g. mops, dusting cloths, toilet brushes) - Wiping down of walls, window sills and wall skirting boards - Window washing and shining - Wiping down and organizing kitchen cupboards - Wiping down and organizing of wardrobes - Clearing of refuse and washing of bins Laundry - Sorting of clothes by colour or ownership - Soaking of stained or soiled clothing items prior to washing - Washing of clothes (whether by hand or machine) - Hanging of clothes on washing line and/or clothes horse - Taking down of clothes from washing line - Ironing of clothes (taking care to check care labels) - Folding and packing away of ironed and un-ironed clothes, organizing wardrobe shelves - Organising clothing according to use i.e. linen, formal wear, casual, kids - Basic mending of clothes - Washing of bed linen and napery

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Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged, all cancellations require at least 24hrs notice. Notice of cancellation must be sent by phone or sms to 0613380895 and/or 0795003438

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