Once-off cleaning service

Perhaps you'd like to try out our cleaning service before committing to a contract, or maybe you need to get your home spring cleaned at the end of the winter season. Whatever  your reason, this service is for you. We charge R250 per worker needed on the job. The workers work an 8 hour day, and may be delivered to your home. The provision of cleaning supplies (consumables and/or equipment) attracts a surcharge.

Regular cleaning service

If you would like to have a housekeeper service your home 1, 2 or 3 days a week, then this option is for you. You may provide us with a description of the kind of person you think would fit in best with your family and we will try assign a suitable person for you. 

Call us to arrange.

Full time housekeeper / nanny placement

Are you seeking a full time housekeeper or nanny? Look no further. Download our job specification form and give us more details about what the job would entail, the requirements, and the character traits you are looking for in your ideal worker.  

Domestic worker training

If you have already found a suitable housekeeper who possesses the character traits you are looking for but needs some assistance with the work skill, our training service may meet your needs. One of our trainers would spend 2 or 3 days at your home doing on-the-job training with your housekeeper. 

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Contact: 079 500 3438   /   info@youvegotitmaid.co.za   /  Hilton, Pietermaritzburg

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