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The importance of proper housekeeping in the home cannot be overstated. When done correctly, proper housekeeping can turn any home into a sanctuary for its owner after a long day at work. However, creating a domestic haven for the homeowner cannot be done without proper housekeeping knowledge, skills training, practice and dedication to the craft. Quality housekeeping takes a lot of effort; much of that effort should be focused on cleanliness which is consistent and on schedule, before the residents return from their daily activities. A resident should never come home from a difficult day to see a “work in progress”. The goal of housekeeping is to give the homeowner a feeling of exhilaration every time they step through the door. Here we will focus on the important aspects of beautiful housekeeping, what to consider, and how you can achieve housekeeping success with the benefit of quality skills training. The Importance of Housekeeping A thoroughly cleaned, well-maintained environment promotes a feeling of safety, comfort, and enjoyment. In a clean living space, nobody worries that their family is being exposed to unsanitary conditions. When you take the time to ensure that everything within the room is organised, cared for, and in its correct place, then everybody can relax and enjoy their hard-earned leisure time in their beautiful surroundings. The importance of housekeeping is in keeping a family’s house a safe, clean, and inviting home.

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Namhla Sihlali
Namhla Sihlali

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